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Our Mission

The Network's mission is to help employers in the Region explore and develop an apprentice-based model of recruitment and training.


The Philadelphia Apprentice Network brings together employers, academic institutions, public and private sectors. Employers gain access to best practices from organizational peers, sources of prospective apprentice candidates, support services, academic institutions, and training resources.

The goal of the Philadelphia Apprentice Network is to give historically untapped talent greater access to digital economy jobs. It creates new career pathways for talented individuals who haven’t had the opportunity to work in the tech industry.  

Apprenticeships create new, more inclusive career pathways for talented individuals who have had fewer opportunities and also serve to re-skill those whose jobs have been—or will be—disrupted.

On behalf of the Shapiro-Davis Administration, Lt. Governor Austin A. Davis congratulates 2023 apprentice graduates as part of the PAN National Apprenticeship Week celebration.  

Earn & Learn

Apprenticeships are “earn-and-learn” programs that combine formal learning (e.g. in-person, virtual or computer-based training) with paid, on-the-job training experiences. Businesses design apprenticeships in a number of ways, but the common thread is that they are mutually beneficial. Apprenticeships provide individuals with high-quality career pathways while helping employers develop their workforce for the needs of tomorrow. Apprenticeship is a win-win approach for a bright future of work.

The Philadelphia Apprentice Network was founded in partnership with Aon,  Accenture and Zurich, and built on the model of the highly successful Chicago Apprenticeship Network.


Dominique McPhaul


Application Development Associate | ServiceNow Development

" Prior to joining the Accenture apprenticeship I felt that I had an abundance of skills and a deficit of opportunity to utilize them. It is through the apprenticeship that I've been able to finally implement, grow, and evolve the skills I had, and longed to have. I'm proud to belong to a program that embraces the nuanced backgrounds of individuals, and I'm so excited to continue growing with Accenture."

Isaac Guerrero


Application Development Associate | Data Analyst

" Receiving my apprenticeship offer two days before my birthday brought me, in a rare moment, to tears of joy and relief. After spending a sleep deprived year working full time, studying cloud computing and software engineering, the apprenticeship was the opportunity to apply and grow my technical acumen. I am extremely grateful to have found a space where I am encouraged to explore my interests in app development, data analytics, and gen AI amongst others." 

Anjali Maharaj


Application Development Associate | Network Engineering

" The Apprenticeship program has been rewarding, after completing a cloud computing bootcamp, I learned about Accenture's apprenticeship. This program has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and skills for which I am very grateful." 

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